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Maintenance Update - v1.0.1.0
This release fixes a potential crash bug when leaving space stations...
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Version 1.0 Released!
I'm excited to announce that version 1.0 is out now! With this update comes some final things I wanted to get done prior to the Steam release which is this Frid...
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Update v0.8.0.1 - New Font!
New Font! Some of your feedback was concerning the font when reading Pub conversations or Mission offers from Station Commanders, and frankly you were right! It...
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Controller Support + Auto-Pilot! v0.8.0.0
Controller Support! It's recommended you use an XBox 360 controller as that's what I tested against. But full support is now in game along with a new help scre...
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Update: v0.7.0.9
Notes: fix issue that would cause missions to be reset when buying a new ship Free copies still available! Go claim one!...
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Notes: This update is primarily to fix a potential crash bug when leaving a space station. Other News: There are still a number of unclaimed "Pay What You Want"...
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It's Launch Day!
Launching Soon!! In just a few short hours (1pm Eastern) The Pirates of Sector 7 will be live! If you don't know about it, let me introduce it to you: Heavil...
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i have no idea what to do. please make it a lot easyer to under stand what to do in the game :D
started by oOSpeedRiderOo Jul 11, 2019
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